Here are some of our robots! Also be sure to check out the Open Academic Robot Kit, which aims to make interesting robots accessible to as many students as possible, right down to high school level.



Baxter represents a new generation of industrial automation robot and is designed to work safely alongside humans. We have the research version of Baxter, which we control using the Robot Operating System (ROS) interface.  20141111082324UTC-Baxter-RKS-NEX-7-DSC02298See this press release for more details!


Six-Wheeled Wonder and Other Robots from the Open Academic Robot Kit

The Six-Wheeled Wonder is the first in a family of low-cost, 3D printable robots that make up the Open Academic Robot Kit. All of the instructions and design files required to build the Six-Wheeled Wonder, including the 5DOF arm, are freely available online!

See the Open Academic Robot Kit site for further details.




The Intelligent Robots Group has a collection of indoor, computer-controlled multirotor helicopters, including a Parrot AR Drone, several Hubsan X4 h107d first-person-view mini-quadcopters and a large hexacopter.