Don’t blame us for the Robot Apocalypse …

The Intelligent Robots Group once again features in Ben O’Shea’s “Inside Cover” column of The West Australian newspaper, 11 June 2015, with the inevitable tongue-in-cheek references to terminators and the robot apocalypse.


The performance of robots at the recent DARPA Robotics Challenge, which Dr. Sheh played a crucial role in developing way back in 2012 and 2013, serves as a nice counterpoint to the impending release of “Terminator Genisys” … while their performance was impressive given the state-of-the-art, despite what O’Shea might be hoping, if the robot apocalypse comes, it isn’t likely to be from walking, humanoid robots, at least not anytime soon. 😉

Having said that, Dr. Sheh stands by his comment that O’Shea quoted at the end of his article. If the robot apocalypse comes, blaming him will definitely be the least of your worries. 😉