Featured on the Brainy State special – Today Tonight on Channel 7 Perth, 2015-02-02

The Intelligent Robots Group will be featured on Today Tonight, Channel 7 Perth, on the 2nd of February sometime between 6.30 pm and 7.00 pm, as part of their special series called “Brainy State”!

Raymond Sheh, Ian Blackley and Baxter, after filming of the first “Brainy State” story at the Department of Computing.

Watch this space for more details. 🙂

The Intelligent Robots Group at ASTM International

Raymond Sheh represented the Intelligent Robots Group at the recent meeting of the ASTM International standards committee on Homeland Security Applications; Operational Equipment; Robots (E54.08.01).

We have been working with this committee, through our collaboration with the US Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), since mid-2014, developing standard ways of testing the ability of robots to sense their environments. This is a continuation of a relationship that Raymond has had with NIST since 2004 and spans many of the events that you see on this website.


Inside Cover gives the RoboFair some love …

Ben O’Shea and Dean Alston from the West Australian Newspaper seem to be at it again! 😉

(Saturday 29 November 2014)

Regardless, I hope talk of the Robot Apocalypse or androids in your bedroom haven’t scared you away from joining us at the RoboFair tomorrow, from 10am to 2pm at the Engineering Pavilion of Curtin University. 😀

Curtin RoboFair THIS WEEKEND!

The Curtin RoboFair is this weekend, Sunday the 30th of November!

This free community event showcases what Perth and WA has to offer across the whole spectrum of robotics activities. We’ll have everything from high school robotics competitions to commercial (and properly licensed!) drones, from industrial robot arms to robotic art performances, from electronic components through to Japanese Gundam figures.

Come and see me and Stelarc and our performance of Muscles/Motors: Performance for Body and Robot! Talk to us about the Open Academic Robot Kit, which seeks to put interesting robots within reach of all students. Or the Confined Space Challenge, a competition that gives high school students an opportunity to participate in a competition that involves actual, novel research.

Be at the Curtin Engineering Pavilion between 10am and 2pm on Sunday the 30th of November. You might even win a prize! 😉


See the official page for more details.

Greetings to Community Newspaper readers!

A big hello to everyone who found out about us through their Community Newspaper! Please have a browse and check out what we’re up to.

I also encourage you to come to the RoboFair this Sunday! See my next post. 🙂

Thus far I’m aware of this story appearing in the Melville Times and the Victoria Park Examiner.

Know of any other papers that this story appeared in? If so please send me some email!

Welcome Curtin FM Listeners!

Welcome to those of you who joined Jenny Seaton and I this afternoon at 2.40pm on the 20th of November on Curtin FM for a discussion about robots!

You’ll find here information about several of the topics we discussed including the upcoming Curtin RoboFair, (10am to 2pm next Sunday the 30th of November at the Engineering Pavilion), the Open Academic Robot Kit and the events, competitions, and other initiatives that we run.

The Intelligent Robots Group at the Curtin RoboFair!

The Intelligent Robots Lab will be leading the Robotics@Curtin displays at this year’s Curtin RoboFair!

Come down to the Engineering Pavilion of Curtin University between 10am and 2pm next Sunday the 30th of November for a fun, free, family event with something for everyone.robofairlogo

This is a unique opportunity for students, hobbyists and other members of the public to see the latest in robotics in Perth, across industry, academia and education. Talk to the people who work with robots every day and who are developing the next generation of intelligent robots for all manner of applications.

I’ll be there with our robots, including the latest addition to our team, a Baxter Research Robot! Stelarc, Baxter and I will be performing “Muscles/Motors: Performance for Body and Robot” regularly throughout the event.

We hope to see you there!


Muscles/Motors: Performance for Body and Robot

A Collaboration between the Alternate Anatomies Laboratory at the School of Design and Art, and the Intelligent Robots Group at the Department of Computing. Watch this performance at the Curtin RoboFair, 10am to 2pm on the 30th of November at the Engineering Pavilion!

This will be a performance for 4 arms, 2 human ones and 2 robot ones, each controlling the other. Stelarc will perform with a cutting edge robot known as Baxter from Boston-based Rethink Robotics, which represents a new generation of intelligent manufacturing and research robots- recently acquired by Curtin University. This will be the first time the robot is being used for an art performance, where the robot and the human performer each interactively control the other.


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