Welcome to the Intelligent Robots Group at the Department of Computing, Curtin University!

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We are a small but growing group of researchers based at the Department of Computing in the School of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Science at Curtin University, near Perth in Western Australia.

Our research focuses on the things that allow us to trust what robots and other autonomous systems do. Can we trust them to be able to do what they claim? Can we trust them to keep us in the loop so we know that they’re doing what they’re doing for the right reasons? Can we trust that they are secure and that if they do get compromised, that we will know about it?

We collaborate with academic and government partners all around the world on projects that range from high school outreach to theoretical artificial intelligence to the evaluation and deployment of robots in disaster and conflict areas.

If this sounds like your thing, please do have a look at our Research Areas and Partners page, download our summary sheet and get in touch with us!