Free Workshop: 3D-Printing and the Open Academic Robot Kit

Join us for an introduction to 3D printing and the Open Academic Robot Kit!


5pm-7.30pm on Friday the 1st of May, 2015, at the Engineering Pavilion, Curtin University.

Email to register.

This event is being run by the Intelligent Robots Group at the Department of Computing, Curtin University, in association with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computational Intelligence Society and Robotics & Automation Society.

Learn how the latest advances in software, printers and the Maker community make it easier than ever to turn your robotic ideas into reality. Learn how you can leverage the Open Academic Robot Kit to develop and share in the ideas from across the academic community.

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Raymond Sheh from the Intelligent Robots Group, Department of Computing, Curtin University.

No previous experience is required. Imagination is essential. To follow along with the demonstrations, bring a laptop computer with Sketchup Make (free version, download from installed and, ideally, a mouse.