Intelligent Robots Group presenting at the Perth Machine Learning Group meeting, 4 October 2018

Dr Raymond Sheh will be presenting at the Perth Machine Learning Group (PMLG) meeting, 4th October 2018 at the EY building in Perth.

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Explainable AI: Requirements, capabilities and why you should care.

Machine Learning (ML) in general, and Deep Learning in particular, has seen incredible advances in predictive accuracy and task complexity over the last few years. As these advances find their way into more mission, safety and social critical applications, there is also an increasing demand for these systems to be explainable, transparent and accountable. But what does this mean? In this talk, we will discuss what it means for an AI system to be explainable, the differing definitions and requirements of various applications and the capabilities of various AI techniques to answer these requirements. We will also talk about how recent changes in global government regulations and social sentiment might affect the way we design our AI systems now and in the future.