The Intelligent Robots Group supports the US National Robotics Initiative.

Dr Raymond Sheh from the Intelligent Robots Group was at Capitol Hill, Washington DC, demonstrating the Open Academic Robot Kit at the recent US National Robotics Initiative (NRI) 5th Anniversary event!

20160609-160149UTC-CapitolHill-RKS-ILCE-6300-DSC02289-2Dr Raymond Sheh at Capitol Hill, alongside Dr Elena Messina, head of the Intelligent Systems Division of NIST. The prototype Emu Mini 2 robot is visible on the table.

Hosted by the US Congressional Robotics Caucus, this event showcases some of the projects funded under the NRI and the supporting organisations, including the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Since its inception, the Intelligent Robots Group has been working closely with NIST, as one of the international collaborators on the DHS-NIST-ASTM International Standard Test Methods for Response Robots. The Open Academic Robot Kit is one of the projects that the Intelligent Robots Group is leading.

For more information about the overall project, have a peek at the project brochure here! And of course if you would like to get involved in the Open Academic Robot Kit, the website is here.