The Intelligent Robots Group at the Curtin RoboFair!

The Intelligent Robots Lab will be leading the Robotics@Curtin displays at this year’s Curtin RoboFair!

Come down to the Engineering Pavilion of Curtin University between 10am and 2pm next Sunday the 30th of November for a fun, free, family event with something for everyone.robofairlogo

This is a unique opportunity for students, hobbyists and other members of the public to see the latest in robotics in Perth, across industry, academia and education. Talk to the people who work with robots every day and who are developing the next generation of intelligent robots for all manner of applications.

I’ll be there with our robots, including the latest addition to our team, a Baxter Research Robot! Stelarc, Baxter and I will be performing “Muscles/Motors: Performance for Body and Robot” regularly throughout the event.

We hope to see you there!