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Raymond Sheh – The Intelligent Robots Group at Curtin University
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Raymond Sheh

Dr Raymond Sheh is a Research Professor at the Institute for Soft Matter Synthesis and Metrology at Georgetown University in Washington DC, a Guest Researcher at the Intelligent Systems Division of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology in Washington DC, and an adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computing, Curtin University in Western Australia. He specialises in Trusted Autonomous Systems, particularly relating to Performance Testing for Robots, Explainable Artificial Intelligence, and Cyber Security for Intelligent Systems. He has been involved in robotics research since 2003.

Dr Sheh’s current activities include robotics for hazardous environments and the application of robotic sensing technologies to industrial automation. His activities include a significant education and research outreach component to other universities and high schools through Dr Sheh’s position on the Executive Committee of the International RoboCup Rescue Robot League competition.

Dr Sheh was previously a Senior Lecturer at Curtin University where he established the Intelligent Robots Group at the Department of Computing, with the aim of developing ways of allowing robots and other intelligent systems to learn about their environments and tasks in a way that not only allows them to perform those tasks better, but to also explain their actions and justify their decisions. This ability has significant implications for issues of safety and trust between humans and intelligent systems.

He also taught undergraduate and graduate level units including:

  • Industrial Automation and Robotics
  • Machine Perception
  • Cyber Crime and Security Enhanced Programming
  • Data Structures and Algorithms

Prior to joining Georgetown in 2019 and Curtin in 2013, Dr Sheh was with the US National Institute of Standards and Technology and Robolit LLC, developing standardised test methods for response robots, used in hazardous environments. He holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from The University of New South Wales, an Honours degree in Electronic and Communications Engineering from Curtin University and a degree in Computer Science from Curtin University.

He can be contacted via both Georgetown University and Curtin University. His email addresses are his first name (dot) last name @ either or