Intelligent Robots Group presenting at the Perth Machine Learning Group meeting, 20 December 2018

Dr Raymond Sheh will be presenting at the Perth Machine Learning Group (PMLG) meeting, 20th December 2018 at the EY building in Perth.

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The Open Academic Robot Kit and RoboCup Rescue

**** This event is high school kids friendly event. All teenagers must be accomplished by their parents/guardians at all time ******

In this talk, we will be introducing the RoboCup Rescue Robot League and the Open Academic Robot Kit. We have been piloting these initiatives in high schools across Perth, Australia and the world over the last few years and are looking to get more Australian involvement ahead of the 2019 World Championships, to be held in Sydney next June.

Academic competitions, particularly those with a strong research component, are a terrific tool for education across all fields and age groups. Robotics competitions in particular have become very popular, exposing students to open research challenges that range across AI, software, electronics, mechanics and art.

RoboCup Rescue is a robotics research competition, previously targeting undergraduate and graduate research students, that encourages teams to develop novel solutions to unsolved challenges in the response robotics field. This field covers search and rescue, hazardous materials and nuclear response, explosive ordnance disposal and reconnaissance. In recent years, we have extended this competition, making it available to high school students and allowing them to also tackle some of these unsolved challenges. As part of this, we have developed the Open Academic Robot Kit, a family of low cost, easy to build robot designs that leverage the latest in open source hardware, software and community building.

Please arrive before 6pm to ensure entrance