The DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals 2015

Back in 2012, Dr. Raymond Sheh was one of the developers of the tasks of the DARPA Robotics Challenge, during his previous role at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. He joined DARPA in December 2013 as one of the operations team for the DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials, held in Homestead, Florida.

A year and a half later, Dr. Sheh, now representing the Intelligent Robots Group at Curtin University, traveled to Ponoma, California, for the culmination of the largest (by dollar value) robotics competition the world has ever seen.



This time, Dr. Sheh was responsible for leading a section of the exposition promoting the Open Academic Robot Kit and the Confined Space Robotics Challenge. These initiatives represent ways for students, from high school through to PhD level, to tackle the issues facing the multi-million-dollar teams on the main course, at a very low cost.